Phillip Kingsbury (The Wooden Spoon Press) is a Linocut printmaker.

I love lino printing and find it fantastic and versatile; I love the whole process of sketching ideas, re-sketching, working out how it could work as a Lino print, and making sure each print has enough light and dark. The slowness, focus and excitement of the carving process and then rolling ink onto the Lino block and passing through the heavy printing press - each stage has its own joy.

I like to twist perspectives and make scenes seem somewhat dreamlike and not quite right in some way. I spend lot of time drawing and scribbling down ideas and always have my sketchbook close by.

These artworks are carved from lino, and hand printed, by me, on a beautiful red etching press. The name The Wooden Spoon Press comes from the days when I didn't have my etching press and instead used a wooden spoon as my press - the name has stuck though!

Since 2020, I have also started experimenting and working with screen printing. It's a whole new printmaking process for me; very different but equally as enjoyable. I take my drawings and designs, use a photo sensitive emulsion and a single UV lightbulb to transfer onto large silkscreens, and then hand print onto fabrics and paper.